Lesson 5: More on Reds and Whites.



Here are a few more specific details about Red Table Wines and White Table Wines for you to use while enjoying these wonderful beverages.  While previous lessons only touched on Red and White generalities, hopefully this post will provide significantly more (but definitely not exhaustive) insight into the glory that is the auspice of table wines.  Remember, Table Wines are the most common.  As it were, when you reference wine at all you are most likely (as in 99% of the time) talking about a table wine.  As such, table wines are used for a variety of occasions: cooking, ceremonies, parties, ect.  So here we go, deeper into the wild and wonderful world of wine!


First, we will talk about my favorite: Red Wines!

Red wines are usually the one that gets the 'bad rap' of the wines due to thier robust flavors and full-bodied natures.  Now, thats not to say that there aren't 'sweet' reds out there.  Remember the previous lesson in varietal progressions.  However, in general, red wines have some universal realities.  For instance: Reds are served at room temperature.  You find them in green bottles (the tint protects the wine from sun damage) and they are stored in dark, damp, humid areas.  Further, reds are traditionally paired with red meats and red sauces.  They are also used in dark soups and stews.


Now, reds, all the same, make splendid sipping wines, depending on the season.  Reds are generally used at dinner parties and for 'sipping' occasions when it is cold outside.  Like, late fall into winter.  Imagine, if you will, as the snow falls gently outside in big fluffy flakes; you hear the crackle of the applewood and pine logs on the fire keeping near perfect sticatto with the long, low strings of Pachelbel's Cannon in D-Major.  You can hear the laughter of the people milling about, chatting about nothing and everything.  Nestled securely in your hand, its stem extending gracefully between your middle and index digits, the glass ball containing the hearty and smooth 1991 Cabernet Sauvignon from a winery in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  As the laughter continues, and the room is filled with the familiar holiday smell of seasoned food and warm hearts - you bring the glass slowly to your lips.  First is the bouquette that hits you, you smell oak, rubbed spices, and sweet grapes.  The liquid hits your lips, exciting them, then your tongue and its amazing.  It has a quick 'punch' to your jowls, that causes your jaw to tingle (oh, how I love for that!) and at first its tart and sour - but only for a moment.  Then the smooth and refreshing finish that reminds of something like fresh baked sourdough bread.  Pure magic.


Some other things to note about red wine, specifically, is that its is symbolic of love, desire, romance, and blood (sacrifice).  It is also considered the masculine of the table wines.  It is poetic and grand, powerful and present.  It offers a line into the fantastical, and the release of tranquility.  Red wines embrace you and warm you.  They are my favorite!


Next, lets chat about red's sister: White wines!


If you are new to wine, or looking for a gentle entry into the wonderful world of wine, White Wines are a great place to start.  They are traditionally soft and sweet, with that fruitiness that is loved by many.  Just as there are 'sweet' reds; there are also dry and 'harsh' whites.  Some of the universal consistencies found in your white wines are: They are often sweet and fruity.  They are served chilled, and stored the same way.  They are served out of clear bottles.  They are traditionally paired with light meats and seafood and light sauces.  They are used in clear and light soups and stews.


Whites, more often than not, are the go-to sipping wine.  More specifically, since reds are traditionally served in colder months, whites find their home in the spring and summer months.  Since they are chilled, they offer that unique type of refreshment.  Once again, close your eyes and imagine: The sun is setting low over the dock as you sit listening to the water lapping against the poles of the pier.  You can faintly detect the light and musty tinge of the tiki torches on the light summer breeze as it whispers by you, surrounding you with the coolness it brings in the late evening.  The bonfire up the way causes your shadow to dance on the wood of the dock, and the water to wink at you with a million eyes.  You can feel the present cool of the glass in your hand, as if it were ice water in your grasp.  You lift it to your lips, in this perfect moment, and you can smell the pear, the strawberry, the hint of mango and lemon.  The liquid, smooth and light, hits your lips causing them to tingle with delight, then your tongue cheers as the wine excites the sweet-centers and it takes you back to fond childhood memories, as you swallow the cool spreads through your body like snow in your veins.  You exhale with satisfaction, and for a very brief moment - you can actually see your breath..the wine's final hat tip to you in its performance of refreshment.  Delicious.


Some notables of whites are that they are symbolic of friendship, integrity, and truth.  They are considered the feminine of the table wines.  They are known for cool refreshment, playful attitudes, and good conversation.  They are bright and colorful, and full of life!


All the same, wines are there to be enjoyed by the beholder.  While wine has its own customs and traditions, like a country unto itself...its own culture - it is the one culture that doesn't care if you break with tradition.  Nothing says you can stew your chicken in a robust Merlot, or drown your salmon in some Shiraz.  Just because its cold outside doesn't mean you can serve a slightly chilled Pinot Grigio at your Thanksgiving Dinner (it would go well with the turkey and cranberries anyway).  You are the monarch to which all wine bows; it is there selfless and real for your enjoyment.  It is the best and truest friend you'll ever have because wine will never fail you.  Go your way...wine is just glad to be along for the ride!


- Cheers!


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