The Nose Knows!

Some of the lingo in wine language can be pretty confusing.  However, one constant found in it is reffered, officially, to as the 'nose' of the wine; that is its essence the profile description of all that the particular wine is and all that it holds.  There are many, many adjectives used here that all to often end in 'y', but suffice it to say my dear friends - the 'nose' of a wine is what you are giving when someone asks you: "What do you think?"


A wine can be oaky, smoky, harsh, refined, woody, chocolately, sweet, sensual, fruity, full, dry, odd, smooth...ect.  On and on, and any one wine can be a multiple of these.  Though, the truth, its what you feel that wine is and what it is to you as an individual.  We could have glasses of wine poured from the same bottle; and what I might describe as woody and earthy, you may find flowery and refreshing.  What I might describe as fresh and sweet, you might find sour and harsh.  Either way, it is YOU, your opinion that matters most.  The wine cares only what you think as long as it is in your hand, to the wine, you are all that exists and it is there only to please you.


So take an extra care the next time you are served any kind of wine and remember, take a moment and smell the bouquet (another technical term) of roses that it might offer to you.  It will welcome you with warm tendrils of aroma that will wrap you in the warmth of a long lost lover, then it will make its presence known with the caring tingles of your tastebuds as it embraces your soul to give you solace from your long day and as you devour it, it will smile as it carries your worries away.  Don't forsake it....


The nose knows. ;-D

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Comments (3)

  1. tiggers

    wine , wine , oh how you make me feel so fine , all of the time , some of the time , MOST OF THE TIME ….

    April 29, 2014
    1. ckkokv

      Life is a waste of time
      Time is a waste of life
      So have wine all the time
      And have the time of your life!

      April 29, 2014
      1. tiggers

        and the poetic comes out with or without the wine

        April 29, 2014